U.S. Department of Energy Funding Announcement

The U.S. Department of Energy recently announced awards totaling $18 million to six new projects across the country that it hopes will, “improve the resiliency, reliability and security of the nation’s electrical power grid.”

The Department’s announcement added that it believes the projects will, “enable the development and demonstration of integrated, scalable, and cost-effective solar technologies that incorporate energy storage to power American homes after the sun sets or when clouds are overhead.”

The Department noted that, “these projects are either led by a utility company or include a utility company as a key partner” and includes a $1 million award to Carnegie Mellon University to, “develop and demonstrate a distributed, agent-based control system to integrate smart inverters, energy storage, and commercial off-the-shelf home automation controllers and smart thermostats.”

Cohen & Grigsby congratulates its Pittsburgh neighbor, CMU, and looks forward to more advancement and from the region’s renewable energy and energy efficiency entities including those committed to the burgeoning Energy Technology Association of Pennsylvania.

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Energy Department Announces $35 Million to Advance Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

Today, the Energy Department announced up to $35 million in available funding to advance hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

The funding is intended to accelerate innovation in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies by supporting:

  • research and development;
  • early market deployments;
  • domestic; and
  • manufacturing

The Department also aims to develop “collaborative consortia for fuel cell performance and durability and advanced hydrogen storage materials research to leverage the capabilities of national lab core teams.”

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USDA Provides Funding for More Than 1,100 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects Nationwide

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced significant awards for several rural energy interests across the country.  The USDA’s press release is found here.

Pittsburgh is quickly becoming one of the nation’s energy hubs, not only because of shale gas, but also because of burgeoning energy efficiency technologies, existing alternative energy companies like Green Mountain, and Westinghouse’s nuclear capabilities.

The USDA’s interest and investment in rural energy assets speaks directly to our region where 70% of Southwest Pennsylvania counties are rural and is a clear signal to developing and established energy companies that the federal government is eager and able to invest in their success.

Cohen & Grigsby’s Public Affairs and especially its federal government capabilities can tie current and prospective clients to the USDA’s energy resources as well as the Department of Energy’s, the Department of Commerce’s, the Department of Defense’s, and even the Department of Labor’s, which is developing strategies to augment the country’s “energy workforce.”

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U.S. Department of Energy Makes $172 Million Available

Last week, the federal government made $172 million available to tackle solar energy challenges, expand access to clean electricity and improve manufacturing’s energy efficiency.

Specifically, the Department of Energy announced:

Cohen & Grigsby has experience in tackling these opportunities and working with the Department of Energy, and Capitol Hill on behalf of its clients. If there is any interest in knowing more, please contact the firm’s Director of Federal Government Affairs, Aaron Grau at agrau@cohenlaw.com.