Just a Coupla things on my mind!

In a world of uncertainty, be it in Washington where President Trump and the Republican House and Senate majorities are grappling with the difficulties of actually governing, or in Harrisburg where the Governor and the General Assembly are staring down a 3 billion dollar hole without the benefit of increasing revenue with the use of any broad based tax there IS one certainty:

Mayor Bill Peduto will be re-elected to a new 4 year term.

As a matter of fact—and history—no incumbent Democratic Mayor who has sought re-election has lost—since 1937.

My math, which isn’t great—that’s why I chose politics as a profession—tells me that is an 80 year streak.

Mayor Peduto has run a forward thinking, scandal free administration without any real drama. His opponents are underfunded and relatively unknown.

So there is nothing to upset this incredible streak.

Pittsburgh is a small town that is adverse to change in its political leaders. The machinery of incumbency: command of free media, ribbon cutting and fixing potholes is difficult or impossible to overcome.

Get your seats early for the re-inauguration next January.

As for Harrisburg, two perennial favorites are back in the news: gaming expansion and liquor privatization. Driving both of these issues in the aforementioned need for new revenues.

Will we be able to buy our bourbon at Giant Eagle? Play video poker legally in our local tavern?

Stay tuned.

By Nello Giorgetti

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