Republicans ‘got greedy’ in drawing Pennsylvania congressional maps, new documents say

Claudia Vargas | Thursday, January 9, 2020, The Philadelphia Inquirer

A trove of documents recently released by the daughter of a deceased GOP strategist includes some clues about what Republicans were thinking almost a decade ago when they redrew Pennsylvania’s congressional maps in a way that was later ruled unconstitutional.

The documents, compiled at least partly amid the decennial redistricting that took place in 2011, include a warning that the party “got greedy” in an attempt to create districts favorable to GOP candidates 10 years earlier.

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Expert sees partisanship in Pennsylvania congressional maps

Johnathan Lai | Monday, December 11, 2017, The Philadelphia Inquirer

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania’s congressional map is so skewed toward Republicans that computer software tasked with randomly drawing maps produced hundreds of drawings that were more politically neutral, according to testimony Monday on the opening day of a state gerrymandering trial.

“Partisan intent predominated the drawing” of the current congressional map, said University of Michigan political science professor Jowei Chen, an expert witness testifying for the group of Pennsylvania voters bringing the challenge.

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Pa. high court fast tracks gerrymandering case

Maddie Hanna and Jonathan Lai | Thursday, November 9, 2017, The Philadelphia Inquirer

In a case that could force the redrawing of congressional maps before the 2018 elections, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Commonwealth Court to decide a gerrymandering lawsuit by the end of the year.

“We will have our day in court, and we will get a decision and a resolution of this matter in time for the 2018 election,” said Mimi McKenzie, legal director of the Philadelphia-based Public Interest Law Center, which represents the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania in the case.

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