New Legislation Introduced – September 2014

Government Reform

  • Senator Baker (R-Luzerne County) is introducing legislation providing for a comprehensive gift ban, prohibiting elected officials and other public employees from accepting cash gifts and non-cash gifts–including meals, travel, lodging, and entertainment (with exceptions)–from individuals and entities trying to influence government action.


  • Sen. Solobay (D-Washington County) has introduced legislation calling upon the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to respect the primacy of state government in developing guidelines for regulating carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants and to rely on state regulators to develop performance standards for carbon dioxide emissions that consider the unique economic, resource, and energy needs and issues of Pennsylvania. (Sen. Resolution 438)
  • Senate Resolution 439 also sponsored by Sen. Solobay calls upon the EPA to schedule public hearings on the proposed Clean Power Plan rule in coalfield communities and to withdraw the proposed rule or revise it to eliminate the economic shock that will occur to coalfield communities in the state. Representative Snyder (D-Greene County) is introducing companion legislation in the House of Representatives.

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If you have questions about the budget or any introduced legislation, please contact Michelle Vezzani at or the public affairs professional with whom you work.

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