Scam calls expected to spike in PA as tax season approaches

Jacob Tierney | Tuesday, February 26, 2019, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

If you dread answering your phone because of the onslaught of robotic spammers and scammers, you’re not alone. And it could get worse very soon.

An analysis of U.S. Federal Trade Commission statistics by found unwanted calls tend to spike in March and April, as scammers impersonating the IRS attempt to bilk money out of taxpayers.

In 2018, Pennsylvanians filed almost 240,000 complaints with the FTC for telemarketers and scammers calling people on the Do Not Call Registry.

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Pennsylvania among top third of states in taxpayer accuracy

Jeff Himler | Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

A little under 6 percent of Pennsylvania taxpayers are spot-on when it comes to figuring their federal income tax. That is, when they file their returns with the IRS, they’re neither due a refund nor required to submit a payment.

That’s not a very big percentage, but it’s enough to place Pennsylvania among the top third of states when ranked according to the accuracy of its taxpayers — in a study released this month by SmartAsset, a company that provides online advice on personal finances.

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Gov. Tom Wolf criticizes GOP tax package targeting state, local tax deductions

Marc Levy | Tuesday, October 31, 2017, The Associated Press

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Wolf criticized a Republican tax-cutting package in Congress, saying Tuesday that it would amount to a tax increase on middle-class Pennsylvanians by ending a state and local tax deduction.

Getting rid of the deduction used by nearly 1.8 million Pennsylvania filers in 2015 — or almost one-third of all filers that year — amounts to the federal government rolling its problems downhill onto state taxpayers, Wolf said.

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