Pennsylvania drivers can bring documents to PennDOT to pre-verify for ‘REAL ID’

Brian C. Rittmeyer | Wednesday, January 23, 2019, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Pennsylvania drivers are getting information in the mail about pre-verifying for “REAL ID.”

The identifications, in the form of a new driver’s license or photo identification card, will be available this spring, according to the postcard PennDOT spokesman Steve Cowan said the agency is sending to all customers.

REAL ID-compliant identification will be needed as of Oct. 1, 2020, to enter federal buildings and to board commercial airline flights, even if those flights to do not leave the country.

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Pa. residents can begin pre-registering for REAL ID cards Sept. 4

Ed Blazina | Monday, August 27, 2018, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will hire 250 additional workers to help process paperwork from residents seeking REAL ID cards that become available in March.

The department announced Monday it will begin Sept. 4 pre-registering residents who received their first driver’s licenses before September 2003. Beginning in October 2020, a REAL ID card, which is harder to forge, or a valid passport will be required to enter most federal buildings or to pass through airport security.

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Real ID process begins for Pa. residents

Ed Blazina | Sunday, March 4, 2018, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pennsylvania residents who received their first driver’s license or state identification card after September 2003 can begin the process of obtaining a Real ID card.

The state Department of Transportation has electronic documents available for about 35 percent of those who received their cards after that date and it should be easier for them to get the Real ID cards when they become available in spring 2019. The cards, which are optional, will be required by the federal government to enter most federal buildings and to get through airport security beginning in October 2020.

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A dozen ways lawmakers changed the rules on Pennsylvanians in 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2018, Harrisburg Patriot News

ou bring 253 state lawmakers to the Capitol for more than 20 weeks a year and you are sure to get a few new laws that make living in Pennsylvania a little different somehow.

In that regard, 2017 didn’t disappoint.

From buying fireworks to visiting loved ones’ gravesites, new laws were enacted that change the way many Pennsylvanians will go about their daily lives in 2018 and/or after.

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Start gathering your identifying documents now for 2019 REAL ID rollout, PennDOT says

Matthew Santoni | Wednesday, November 29, 2017, The Tribune Review

If you thought the wait at the DMV was bad now, imagine what it will be like with 10.7 million Pennsylvanians in line.

As PennDOT brings its driver-licensing systems in line with the federal REAL ID standards, the agency is urging residents to start gathering the required identifying documents or check with the state in a few months to see if they’re already on file. The state anticipates being able to issue licenses compliant with the 2005 anti-terrorism identification program starting in spring 2019, said PennDOT spokeswoman Alexis Campbell.

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Pennsylvania wants another 3 years to comply with REAL ID

Brian Bowling | Thursday, September 7, 2017, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Pennsylvania is seeking another three years to comply with the enhanced identification requirements the federal government set up in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, according to a PennDOT news release.

Known as the REAL ID program, the 2005 federal law requires states to ensure people seeking a driver’s license or state-issued identification card are who they say they are.

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