Legislation Considered – September 2014


  • Rep. Hahn (R-Northampton County) sponsored a bill that amends the Clean Streams Law to allow riparian buffers and riparian forest buffers to be used as an option among best management practices designed to protect water quality in cases of earth or land disturbance from construction or reconstruction. (House Bill 1565)

Economic Development

  • Rep. Benninghoff (R-Centre County) sponsored a bill that amends the Capital Facilities Debt Enabling Act to reduce the borrowing capacity for Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) projects by cutting annual borrowing capacity by $50 million beginning in fiscal year 2018-2019 until the debt limit reaches $2.95 billion. (House Bill 2420)
  • Sen. Pileggi (R-Delaware County) sponsored a bill that would amend the Transit Revitalization Investment District Act to modernize the act and to provide an additional way of funding Transit Revitalization Investments Districts, also known as TRIDs. (Senate Bill 1210)

Elder Abuse

  • In response to reports of elder abuse, Rep. Knowles (R-Schuylkill County) has introduced legislation directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to review the existing elder abuse task forces and to develop a profile of each existing task force model. (House Resolution 929)

Health Care

  • Sen. Folmer (R-Lebanon County) sponsored a bill that would establish the Medical Cannibas Act, which allows health care providers to recommend the use of marijuana for medical purposes. (Senate Bill 1182)

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